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Download free Brownsville Station - A Night on the Town - 1972 (2005) FLAC (tracks+.cue)

Brownsville Station - A Night on the Town - 1972 (2005) FLAC (tracks+.cue)
  • Artist: Brownsville Station
  • Album: A Night on the Town - 1972
  • Released: 2005
  • Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
  • Country: USA
  • Duration:
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01Rock With the Music 03:22
02I Got Mine 02:46
03Lovin' Lady Lee 03:33
04Mad for Me 02:39
05Mister Robert 04:06
06Wanted (Dead or Alive) 03:28
07Country Flavor 04:27
08Jonah's Here to Stay 06:48
09Leavin' Here 03:04
10The Man Who Wanted More (Saints Rock & Roll) 02:13


The American team "Brownsville station" was founded in 1969 in the town of Ann arbor, in Michigan. The founder of it was the guitarist and singer of the Cab Code (Code Michael, born August 1, 1948, Detroit,. July 1, 2000).
Craving for the music he has appeared in five years, when he started to Bang on the drum. In school, he formed the group "Del-Tinos", playing rock'n roll, Blues and rockabilly. The kids even managed to record a couple of singles before the band was dissolved. Code played in two youth teams, before he knocked in the head with the idea of creating "Brownsville station". I must say that such thoughts came to him after a conversation with Michael Lutz (guitar) with whom he met in a music shop.

When their conversation was attended by the son of the owner of this shop e nally, immediately offered dudes its services as Manager. Code and Lutz found himself another two companions in the person of Ted Cronly (drums) and Tony Driggins (bass).

Brownsville stationДебютировав concerts in October 1969, the group a year and a half played in clubs in the Midwest. In 1971, replacing drummer - he was Henry's Age named "h-bombs" - "Brownsville station" recorded their debut album "No B. S.". Nothing new in music, the guys did not invent, the plate was attended by the usual hard rock. Released on the independent label, Big Tree Records, a couple of mediocre albums in the same vein ("Yeah" was but a little more melodic and poluzabytoe) group suddenly rose up with the song "Smokin' In The Boys Room". This Groovy thing Codes soared all the way to the third place in the American charts. Single with this song sold over two million copies.

By the way the bass by the time he played Bruce Nazarian, because Driggins left the band in 1972, and his a period of time was replaced by Lutz. In 1974, "Smokin' In The Boys Room" was still popular and even became one of the best British top thirty.

Brownsville stationПоследующие releases special had no success and the team had to be content with the memories of rapid takeoff. More or less when
personal thing became just "The Martian Boogie" from disk 1977, based on the theme of "Feel So Good" by Junior Parker. Code eventually became disillusioned with the hard rock and slowly began to enroll in alone, doing anything from rockabilly to jazz, but not hard. A last attempt to regain the lost ground "Brownsville station" made in 1979 by clicking on the "Epic" and releasing their seventh album "Air Special". The disk is successfully failed and the group was soon dissolved. All the musicians in addition to the Codes disappeared in an unknown direction. KAB tried to continue his musical career, managing thus to keep the column in the music magazine ' Goldmine". Over time, he became skilled in journalism and became quite well-known music critic.

About "Brownsville station" everyone had forgotten, remembering the group only once, in 1985, when a cover of "Smokin' In The Boys Room" performed by "Motley crue" was on the 16th position

Download Lossless: Brownsville Station - A Night on the Town - 1972 (2005) FLAC (tracks+.cue)

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