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Download free RAMMSTEIN take a rest for an indefinite period

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RAMMSTEIN take a rest for an indefinite period

Guitarist-known German industrial band "Rammstein" Richard Kruspe recently officially announced that the group suspends its operations indefinitely.

This decision was taken unanimously by the team members, one of them wants to concentrate on his own project, while others simply expressed a desire to relax with the family, or try their hand at a different occupation. The boys agreed to meet at the end of this year and discuss the continued existence of the group on the agenda will be put the issue of continuing creative activity Rammstein, or pause will be extended for another year.

Richard also said that he wants to give himself completely to his project "Emigrate", which plans this fall to release a new album. And the immortal singer "Rammstein" Till Lindemann expressed a desire to focus on his solo career.

"To date, we have no planned concert tour, we are not ready in the near future to write a new album, so we and such decision was taken on the draft" Rammstein ". I'll tell you a secret, this kind of meeting with the guys we organize the first year, which are actively debate about the future plans of the group of new albums and tours. If at this point we are not ready to create new high-quality tracks, it is better to slow down and reflect on the continued existence of the team, maybe one of us will excellent idea and immediately after a pause of start writing our next album. Every year in the world there is a large number of new musicians, but the quality of their music is poor, that we do not want to rush in order not to profane the name of the legendary rock band "Rammstein" low-grade tracks. That's all that we would like to inform you, dear fans of good music "- explained his position, and the position of the other team members, Richard Kruspe.

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