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Download free Peter Hammill - ...All That Might Have Been (2014) MP3

Peter Hammill - ...All That Might Have Been (2014) MP3
  • Artist: Peter Hammill
  • Album: ...All That Might Have Been
  • Released: 2014
  • Genre: Progressive Rock, Rock
  • Country: UK, USA
  • Duration:
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01In Overview 02:48
02The Last Time 01:42
03Never Wanted 02:16
04As for Him 01:52
05Nowhere Special 01:38
06Piper Smile 01:13
07Wanted to Belong 01:52
08This Might 01:50
09Inklings, Darling 03:30
10Be Careful 01:38
11Alien Clock 05:52
12Drifting Through 02:16
13Washed Up 02:07
14Rumpled Sheets 03:02
15Fool-proof 01:50
16Can't Get Home 01:48
17Washed Away 01:41
18Back Road 02:12
19The Line Goes Dead 02:01
20He Turns Away 01:58
21Hooks 02:14
22Upon a Sixpence 04:58
23Someday (The Piper Smile) 05:01
24Vai Lentissimo 05:11
25Disrespect (In Kabuki-cho) 06:16
26An Outlier 05:43
27The Whole Thing Through 03:49
28Best Wishes 04:15
29Passing Clouds 04:37
30Not Going Anywhere 04:33
31Until 04:27
32SixSlowOut 09:10
33KabukiCloudSome 07:19
34TenorElseAny 06:38
3557WishesUntil 07:45


British musician Peter Hammill was born on 5 November 1948, in Ealing, West London, England. Full name Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill. In 1960 the family Hammill moved to Derby. He studied Peter in Rumantscha College, Old Windsor, after which he joined the faculty of natural Sciences, University of Manchester.

Manchester is among the three British cities, which regularly issue new rock bands. It was here in 1967 Peter Hammill and partners organized a progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. In the initial composition of the team included, in addition to performing the songs of Peter, drummer Chris "Judge" Smith and organist Nick Pern. This lineup released just one single, and then in 1969 due to financial problems the guys went.

Peter Hammill decides to record a solo album. He signs a contract with the record company "mercury records", and, in the end, produces the album "the Aerosol Grey Machine", but under the name "Van der Graaf Generator. The release came out in the States and only eight years later was published in England. Listeners and critics have noted the unusual creative image of the band, lyrics texts and intellectual musical language.

In the summer of 1969 Hammill weekly has performed solo concerts at The Edinburgh castle Theatre". Then again, he assembles a team until 1972 writes four albums. In parallel, he continued to pursue a solo career and in 1971 released his first solo album "Fool's Mate". In 1972 the group again at odds on solo projects.

Peter Hammill continued solo work. He recorded several albums, lyrics which Express the personal feelings of Hammill. This was the main difference from the songs performed "Van der Graaf Generator", as the author of almost all the tracks from the groups
s was Peter, it would reflect a more global problem, look at the reality.

In 1975 Peter again collects "Van der Graaf Generator" and for three years records four Studio albums and one double live album. In the main group included: professional pianist Hugh Benton, warnick guy Evans, saxophonist David Jackson. In 1978 the group again at odds. Only at the end of 2004 Hammill again revives "Van der Graaf Generator. By 2009, the band recorded two albums.

Peter Hammill continues to pursue a solo career. At the moment, on account of his 25 Studio albums, 6 live albums and a dozen singles

Peter Hammill married since 1978. He and his wife Hilary have three daughters, Holly, Beatrice and Phoebe. Older daughters participated in the recording of several songs by the band "Van der Graaf Generator. In 2004, Hammill got Italian prize "Tenco" as a composer.

Download Lossless: Peter Hammill - ...All That Might Have Been (2014) MP3

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