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Download free Ace Of Base - Hidden Gems (2015) FLAC

Ace Of Base - Hidden Gems (2015) FLAC
  • Artist: Ace Of Base
  • Album: Hidden Gems
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: Pop, Club,Dance
  • Country: Sweden
  • Duration:
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01Would You Believe (Previously unreleased) 02:50
02Go Go Go (Previously unreleased) 03:29
03Into The Night Of Blue (Bonus track on the Japanese Cruel Summer album) 04:13
04Don't Stop (B-side from the single The Juvenile) 02:49
05Make My Day (Previously unreleased) 02:56
06Mercy Mercy (B-side from the single Always Have, Always Will) 03:37
07No Good Lover (B-side from the single Life Is A Flower) 03:35
08Summer Days (Bonus track on the Japanese Da Capo release) 03:47
09Giving It Up (Previously unreleased 2014 Remake) 02:47
10Come To Me (Previously unreleased) 03:54
11Prime Time (Previously unreleased) 03:15
12Look Around Me (Previously unreleased) 03:16
13Pole Position (Previously unreleased) 03:23
14Sunset In Southern California (Previously unreleased) 03:12
15Moment Of Magic (Previously unreleased) 02:29


Download Lossless: Ace Of Base - Hidden Gems (2015) FLAC

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