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Download free The new album Three Days Grace

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The new album Three Days Grace

Canadian rock band Three Days Grace has confirmed the name of his five albums. The album was called "Human" and will be released on March 31. They have indulged us with new music, releasing a single «Painkiller». However, the release full album still have to wait.

Bassist Brad Uolst says the group now combines touring with work in the studio. "We now come and go whenever you want. This allows time to reconsider through music, prepared earlier and evaluate it more objectively, instead of a month or two to close the studio and get ready only album. This approach gives time to think, to make adjustments, "- says Brad with Billboard.

Also a musician confirmed that the new formulations may be presented in a live even before the official release.

Speaking about the direction of the new record, Uolst explained: "To be honest, the music will be fairly aggressive. On the last album we experimented, and very brave. Here, instead of the experiments will be heavy sound, both musically and in terms of its meaning. "

Brad also thanked his brother Matt, who became the new frontman collective enthusiasm for bringing in Three Days Grace. Secretly bassist said that already about 10 songs ready to be recorded in the coming months, and the album will be released in early 2015.

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