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See the Trailer for George Michael's Final Project: The Freedom Documentary
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Chuck Berry dead...
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The legendary American musician Chuck Berry died on Saturday in the US. He was 90 years old. This was reported by the Police Department of St. Charles County (Missouri), where he lived as a singer, guitarist and songwriter.
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Mumford & Sons will sound in another

Mumford & Sons Group announced the release of their new album "Wilder Mind". U disk is a different sound, different from that to which the fans have grown accustomed team.
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RAMMSTEIN take a rest for an indefinite period

Guitarist-known German industrial band "Rammstein" Richard Kruspe recently officially announced that the group suspends its operations indefinitely.
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David Gilmour (PINK FLOYD) plans to release NEW ALBUM

Singer of Pink Floyd David Gilmour this year will release his first solo album in nine years. Despite the fact that no details Gilmore did not publish on its website a list of concert dates in the UK and Europe. These shows will be held in September and will be held in support of the release. David Gilmour also receive a triumphant three-day residency at the "Royal Albert Hall" (the first show September 23), where fans will flock to the magnificent guitarists from around the world.
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Ex-Carcass Guitarist Launches Monstrance

That’s an unusual name.
Not saying I don’t like it. But yeah — Monstrance is a strange name.
The new band was formed by onetime Carcass guitarist Carlo Regadas.
Monstrance also boasts drummer Ian Treacy (formerly of Benediction) and vocalist Tony Glover (ex-Devoid).
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The new album Three Days Grace

Canadian rock band Three Days Grace has confirmed the name of his five albums. The album was called "Human" and will be released on March 31. They have indulged us with new music, releasing a single «Painkiller». However, the release full album still have to wait.
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