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Download free The Duskfall - Where The Tree Stands Dead (2014) FLAC

The Duskfall - Where The Tree Stands Dead (2014) FLAC
  • Artist: The Duskfall
  • Album: Where The Tree Stands Dead
  • Released: 2014
  • Genre: Metal
  • Country: Sweden
  • Duration:
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01To The Pigs 03:15
02Farewell 04:16
03I Can Kill You 04:12
04Where The Tree Stands Dead 03:32
05We The Freaks 04:09
06Endgame 04:04
07Hate For Your God 04:32
08The Charade 03:45
09Burn Your Ghosts 03:45
10Travesty 03:45
11We Bleed 03:49


It all began with the end of the Swedish group Gates Of Ishtar, which were not on the label - Invasion Records - whereby there were problems ended decay. Mikael Sandorf, however, decided to continue this thankless job - and at first gathered a small part of Soulash, to play cover songs of bands like Pantera and Judas Priest. Mikael and previously wanted to organize a solo project, even had the written material. Already "At Dusk & Forever" in 1998 should have been released under the name Soulash, but in order to avoid litigation with Invasion Records, he was released under the banner of Gates Of Ishtar posthumously in January.

But soon he remembered that he has some more original material and felt the need for a new project. Thus, in Luleå, a town in the north-east of Sweden, musicians Mikael Sandorf (ex-Gates Of Ishtar) and Glenn Svensson group was formed The Duskfall. Soulash fever with the composition remained unchanged only Michael. First vocalist was Per Johansson (Satariel), he also painted the original version of the logo. After several concerts and recording their first demo in 1999. Per left the band for personal reasons, and handed the microphone Kai Yaaakkola (Deathbound).

The band then changed their name to The Duskfall (as originally intended to name their offspring Michael). So, Michael Pera replaced on vocals and Johnny rhythm guitar, and the vacant seat behind the drums went to Urban Carlsson. Began recording material for their second demo "Tears Are Soulash", which was released in 2000. Here Michael himself performs the vocals. The team then lost the rhythm section: Due to lack of time it left the bassist and drummer Tommy Cohn removed. After several months of searching the group turned to the drummer Oscar Carlsson (Raised Fist, Helltrain, Gates Of Ishtar), and he agreed to play with the team. And soon found bassist Kai Moline. In summer 2001, the musicians are going to write the next promo, which comes out in early autumn and is called "Deliverance".

With the arrival of new members and replacing some of the older group increased professionalism, and the music has become more technical and complex. In the spring of 2002, The Duskfall binds Greek label Black Lotus Records, where the record has been transferred from one group of fans, and offers them a recording contract full-length album. In September 2002, as planned earlier, The Duskfall walls are closing in Dug-Out Studio to record "Frailty". Bless unique producer Daniel Bergstrand work (In Flames, Soilwork, Darkane, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad), they have created a true masterpiece - in the best traditions of the Swedish melodic death metal, on the record has female vocals, all fit into the framework of style, the group has in all the best from Skymning and in Flames (old). The album comes out Nov. 30, 2002 at the Black Lotus Records.

In autumn 2003, planning to record a new album, which will also be released on Black Lotus Records. After that, the team left Glenn to focus on his family and a group was left without a guitarist. The search continued for several months until Michael did not find Joakim Lindbeck (with whom he played in some thrash groups still in the 80s). So, again, the problem was solved, and musicians do the recording of the second disc.

"Source", again recorded in the walls of the Dug-Out Studio and released in December 2003, has received very good reviews. After the release of Joachim also left the band to devote more time to family. Rescued the team Antti Lindholm, a longtime friend of the musicians, the participant Finnish group Lambs, which became the new guitarist. In 2005, the group has shaken another loss - left Kai Moline due to "musical differences" and due to their studies. Two albums they have fulfilled obligations to the BLR and then became engaged in the search for another contract. It seems that it is better to subscribe to some small label, but ask for more budget studio and writing good stuff, after demonstrating its major offices.

They only have dreamed about a deal with Nuclear Blast, but fortunately this label boss Markus Staiger was personally delighted "Source", and made their secret dream come true. For five weeks in April and May 2005 in the Dug-Out studio was written 10 new songs. The novel compositions are more focused on the trash, the sound in the old spirit. But the most important difference - it's a gloomy atmosphere over the whole disk. At the sound had more power and aggression, there are a couple of slow things too, in its own interest. September 19, 2005 on the new label - Nuclear Blast Records - was released album titled "Lifetime Supply Of Guilt". As a producer Daniel Bergstrand made again (Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad, Darkane, Stuck Mojo, Meshuggah, Helltrain, Behemoth, Mork Gryning, Lord Belial, In Flames).

Cover painted Seth, to him in the design of the album participated Natalie Shaw. After that, as part of a new bassist - Marco Eronen (Raised Fist), whose debut concert took place on 27 May 2005 fest in the Swedish city of Lulea. Then the group will play together with such legends metal scene as Anthrax and Slayer. Simultaneously with the release of their third album Nuclear Blast re-released double CD with the group's first.

In 2008, The Duskfall decided to disband the group after leaving her guitarist and main author, Mikael Sandorf. Now he and some other members play in the death 'n Roller group Helltrain.

Download Lossless: The Duskfall - Where The Tree Stands Dead (2014) FLAC

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