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Download free Elvenking - The Winter Wake (2006) FLAC

Elvenking - The Winter Wake (2006) FLAC
  • Artist: Elvenking
  • Album: The Winter Wake
  • Released: 2006
  • Genre: Metal
  • Country: Italy
  • Duration:
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01Trows Kind 05:57
02Swallowtail 04:26
03The Winter Wake 04:19
04The Wanderer 04:53
05March Of Fools 05:45
06On The Morning Dew 03:29
07Devil's Carriage 04:03
08Rats Are Following 04:37
09Rouse Your Dream 04:48
10Neverending Nights 06:58
11Disillusion's Reel 02:20
12Petalstorm (Japanese Bonus Track) 04:49


Elvenking project was founded in October 1997 by guitarists and Aidan Yarpenom. By this act prompted longtime friends shared passion for metal music and folklore motifs. Top active group activities interfere with personnel problems, which could not solve for a few months. Finally, in March 1998, the singer appeared Damnagoras, and in September, with the arrival of the shock Zehnder structure found some stability. From the beginning, Elvenking set out to devise a formula combining power metal, folk music and extreme sounds together.

Download Lossless: Elvenking - The Winter Wake (2006) FLAC

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