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Download free Jason Rubenstein - Four Named Narrative (2016) FLAC (tracks)

Jason Rubenstein - Four Named Narrative (2016) FLAC (tracks)
  • Artist: Jason Rubenstein
  • Album: Four Named Narrative
  • Released: 2016
  • Label: Gearhead Music
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Duration:
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01Three Ounces Into A Two Ounce Whiskey 08:40
02The Conundrum Archives 06:30
03Laboratories In Exile 06:24
04The Hero Leaves The Suburbs, Goes To Hell, And Comes Back 07:43
05The Barbarian 04:49
06Veils In The Serpent Wind, Part II (Bonus Track) 06:59


Four long-form, heavy instrumental songs, written in December of 2014 and produced over 2015 and 2016. Each song is a narrative; three are essays in the form of music. One is a short story.
There are two extra songs. One is a thank you and goodbye to the late, great Keith Emerson. One is a composition by guitarist Daniel van den Berg.
Heavy piano, synthesizers, samplers, bass guitar, and drums. This is not your usual heavy music. It defies convention and conventional wisdom, and trades 7 strings for 88.

Download Lossless: Jason Rubenstein - Four Named Narrative (2016) FLAC (tracks)

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