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Download free Desperados - The Dawn Of Dying (2000) APE

Desperados - The Dawn Of Dying (2000) APE
  • Artist: Desperados
  • Album: The Dawn Of Dying
  • Released: 2000
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration:
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A group called Desperados was created by guitarist Alex Kraft (Alex Kraft), with the support of Tom Angelripper (Tom Angelripper: Sodom, Onkel Tom) in the late 90s. Musicians have relied on catchy, catchy melodies "wild west", executed in metal keys. Despite the success of their debut album The Dawn Of Dying (2000), soon in the team came quite a long pause. Nevertheless, the history of the German cowboys did not end there.
A few years later, having collected a new structure and renaming the project in Dezperadoz (formerly coincided with the popular German beer brand), Alex Kraft and associates recorded a new original work The Legend And The Truth. The basis of the album based on the history of the legendary hero of America Vayata Earp, which is written a lot of books, and removed a lot of Hollywood movies. Powerful and romantic intro, numerous sound effects (shooting, the clink of glasses, the voice of the set of guest musicians) create the effect of whole cinematic canvas. A combination of rollicking western melodies and heavy dense compositions will be enjoyed by fans of metal music as well as a wide range of listeners.

Music Dezperadoz on The Legend And The Truth is much "feel better" than the debut album, without losing a drop of drive and expressiveness. More melodic sound character and contributes to the fact that Tom Angelripper gave place behind the microphone Alex Kraft - owner of a deep clean vocals. It is worth noting another excellent production work PINK CREAM 69 bassist Dennis Ward (Dennis Ward: Producer of the Year according to MelodicRock.com 2005), who also made a not entirely peculiar to itself the role of guitarist.
October 14, 2006 Dezperadoz triumphantly performed in Moscow as part of Oktoberfest in Tochka Club along with Sodom and Onkel Tom.
Here's how to comment on the output of the third album, the group leader Alex Kraft: «The new album DEZPERADOZ 'An Eye For An Eye' we tell the story of a guy who was sentenced to death because he killed his friend in the name of religion (due to graft his moral principles) . He killed his friend in the name of the Lord, and then he was sentenced to death in the name of the Lord. We believe that no religion should justify violence. In our texts hero album tells about his last days he spent in the Wild West. "

Download Lossless: Desperados - The Dawn Of Dying (2000) APE

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