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Download free Desperadoz - The Legend And The Thruth (2006) FLAC

Desperadoz - The Legend And The Thruth (2006) FLAC
  • Artist: Desperadoz
  • Album: The Legend And The Thruth
  • Released: 2006
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration:
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01The Legend And The Truth 02:29
02Dust Of History 04:47
03First Blood 05:10
04Dead Man Walkin' 04:51
05Rawhide 02:23
06Tombstone 01:49
07Hellbilly Square 03:42
08March To Destiny 04:29
09OK Corral (04:45
10Shootout 00:49
11Look Into The Barrel Of My Gun 02:30
12Earp's Vendetta 04:04
13Friends Til The End 04:20
14Echoes Of Eternity 04:09
15Alex 00:23


The second album of the unique project of Alex Kraft (Onkel Tom), inventor of the style "Western Metal", came out very impressive. Firstly, the group was able to, I think, more accurately convey the atmosphere of the Wild West than on the debut album, and the material turned out to be an order of magnitude stronger and hits. Secondly, melodic style of singing Kraft, and here it was he sings and sings great, the music is more suitable than thrash vocals Tom Angelripper. As a result, getting rid of the elements of thrash, Dezperadoz had a good heavy album, naturally imbued with the spirit of westerns.
There is a misconception that DESPERADOS - is a project of Tom Angelripper (That Angelripper), bassist and vocalist of the German thrash team Sodom.

However, this is not quite true. DyadyushkaTom really participated in the recording of the album "The Dawn OfDying", and very active, however sion formation is the embodiment of the ideas otvyaznye guitarist Alex Kraft (Alex Kraft).

At one time, Kraft was one of the candidates namesti departed from the group Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne) Zakk Wylde (Zakk Wylde), and listening to Osborne played his thing under the title "Desperados", which can be heard on this album.

But a big fan of Ennio Morricone and westerns with Clint Eastwood Mr. Osborne, apparently, did not accept.

As a result, Kraft concentrated on his own group JAIL, which released one album, "Get IntoJail", and was produced by drummer Jörg Michael (Jorq Michael, MEKONGDELTA, GLEN MORE, RAGE, RUNNING WILD). After this long time Kraft almost did nothing, except for participation in recording solo "beer" Album Angel ripper, until finally, not "ripe" for DESPERADOS Music, was in the style of southern rock in the trash-processing!

All the guitar and bass recorded himself Alex Craft, Tom Enzhelripper - responsible for the vocals, and the role of the drummer invited Olli (Ollu).

After the release, Tom and Alex began to reflect on scenic embodiment of their ideas, and eventually came to light a real artist: Alex, Tom, drummer Ollie Lampertsdorfer (Oily Lampertsdorfer, ex-JAIL), guitarist Peter Knapp (Peter Knapp, ex-JAIL) bassist Volker Liebig (Volker Liebig) and keyboardist Ferdy Dornberg (Ferdy Doernberg). The group has released three albums in 2000, 2006 and 2008.

Download Lossless: Desperadoz - The Legend And The Thruth (2006) FLAC

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