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Download free Electric Food - Electric Food/ Flash (1970/2004) FLAC

Electric Food - Electric Food/ Flash  (1970/2004) FLAC
  • Artist: Electric Food
  • Album: Electric Food/ Flash
  • Released: 1970/2004
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration:
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01Whole Lotta Love (Page/Plant/Bonham/Jones) 03:24
02The Reason Why (Hesslein/Monro) 03:18
03Hey Down (Hesslein/Monro) 04:30
04Tavern (Hesslein/Monro) 04:03
05Going To See My Mother (Hesslein/Monro) 01:59
06House of The Rising Sun (trad/Hesslein) 03:54
07Let's Work Together (Harrison) 02:41
08Sule Skerry (Hesslein/Monro) 04:40
09Nosferatu (Hesslein/Monro) 04:52
10Twelve Months And A Day (Hesslein/Monro) 02:38
11Icerose (Hesslein/Monro) 02:53
12I'll Try (Hesslein/Monro) 03:13
13All Right Now (Fraser/Rodgers) 03:46
14Sam's Walk (Hesslein) 02:03
15Love Me (Hesslein) 03:31
16People (Hesslein) 02:56
17Working On The Railroad (Hesslein) 03:25
18Randall (Hesslein) 03:12
19Love Like A Man (Lee) 03:27
20Sam's Talk (Hesslein) 01:39
21I Can See Somebody (Hesslein) 05:51
22Andy's Breakdown (Hesslein) 02:25
23Give Me Love (Hesslein) 02:12
24Plantation (Hesslein) 02:58


Electric Food was one of the studio projects German team German Bonds, later transformed into the Pink Mice. In fact it was trash, where musicians honing their skills and earn their studies. They played popular songs, flavoring them with his material. Talented compositions in the style of hard rock label and brought popularity prompted to record a second album. Successfully found techniques have been successfully used in the next draft Lucifer's Friend.

Download Lossless: Electric Food - Electric Food/ Flash (1970/2004) FLAC

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