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Download free Talisman - Humanimal Part I & II (2 CD) (1994) FLAC

Talisman - Humanimal Part I & II (2 CD) (1994) FLAC
  • Artist: Talisman
  • Album: Humanimal Part I & II (2 CD)
  • Released: 1994
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Country: Sweden
  • Duration:
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Hard-rock band Talisman was founded in Sweden in 1989, bassist Marcel Jacob. Prior to Talisman, in 1986, Marcel Jacob, along with vocalist Goran Edman, created a group who bore the name of the Midnight Blues. The band recorded a few demo, in which Jacob served all music games, playing the drums, keyboards and guitar. But very soon the band broke up. In 1987, Marcel Jacob receives an invitation to participate in recording a solo album John Norum. After recording a second solo album remains largely untapped, but, according to Jacob, very interesting stuff. Marcel managed to interest one of the labels, but to translate ideas into action was necessary collective of musicians. Particularly acute was the problem of finding a vocalist, Jacob gave up the idea to look for a singer in Sweden, and to a microphone stand was invited American Jeff Scott Soto, with whom they once worked in a team Yngwie Malmsteen. In addition to Jeff's team included lead guitarist Mats Lindfors, keyboardist Mats Olausson, and drummer Peter Hermansson. Producing the album was engaged Mats Lindfors. Gathered a group of Jacob be named Talisman, and in February 1989 the guys go to the studio. Shortly before the album's release to announce its bankruptcy producing label, the album was released as a result of another company and as an afterthought. The debut album Talisman "Talisman" has been well received by the public, the song "I`ll Be Waiting" became a radio hit. Within two months of sales in Sweden alone sold over 33,000 copies of the album. Group gave a series of speeches, showing himself strong concert team.

Download Lossless: Talisman - Humanimal Part I & II (2 CD) (1994) FLAC

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