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Download free Billy Joe Shaver - The Essential Billy Joe Shaver (2015) FLAC

Billy Joe Shaver - The Essential Billy Joe Shaver (2015) FLAC
  • Artist: Billy Joe Shaver
  • Album: The Essential Billy Joe Shaver
  • Released: 2015
  • Label: Columbia - Legacy
  • Genre: Country
  • Duration:
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01I Been to Georgia On a Fast Train 02:12
02Old Five and Dimers Like Me 02:40
03Willy the Wandering Gypsy and Me 02:28
04Jesus Christ, What a Man 02:24
05Jesus Was Our Saviour and Cotton Was Our King 01:44
06Good Christian Soldier 03:04
07I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be a Diamond Someday) 02:01
08When the Word Was Thunderbird 03:30
09Fit to Kill and Going Out In Style 02:48
10Blue Texas Waltz 04:03
11It Ain't Nothing New Babe 04:06
12The Road 03:16
13Ragged Old Truck 04:09
14Saturday Night 03:05
15(We Are) The Cowboys 03:40
16Ride Me Down Easy 02:35
17Amtrak 02:54
18Bottom Dollar 02:35
19How Many Hearts Must You Break 04:05
20One Moving Part 02:21
21Low Down Freedom 03:10
22Oklahoma Wind 03:40
23Love You Till the Cows Come Home (Single Version) 02:51
24You Can't Beat Jesus Christ 03:39
25The Devil Made Me Do It the First Time 02:13
26Fun While It Lasted 03:39
27Hardworkin' Man 02:46
28Hill Country Love Song 02:17
29Whiteman's Watermelon 03:30
30Street Walkin' Woman 03:13
31Good News Blues 02:57
32Tramp On Your Street 05:14
33Heart of Texas 03:45
34When the Fallen Angels Fly 04:03
35Live Forever 02:48
36I Want Some More Tenntex Tear Down 07:16
37The Hottest Thing In Town (Live) 03:46
38Honky Tonk Heroes (Live) 03:25
39Sweet Mama (Live) 05:31
40You Asked Me To (Live) 04:02


Download Lossless: Billy Joe Shaver - The Essential Billy Joe Shaver (2015) FLAC

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