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Download free Riotmiloo & Friends - La Pierre Soudee (2015) FLAC (tracks)

Riotmiloo & Friends - La Pierre Soudee (2015) FLAC (tracks)
  • Artist: Riotmiloo & Friends
  • Album: La Pierre Soudee
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: Ambient, Industrial
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration:
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01La Pierre Soudee. With Eva|3 (feat. Eva|3) 03:38
02A Fly As A Pet. With Dirk Ivens (feat. Dirk Ivens) 06:01
03Monster. With Philipp Munch (feat. Philipp Munch) 05:08
04Article 475. With Till Bruggemann (feat. Till Bruggemann) 04:03
05Alone And Terrified. With C-drik (feat. C-drik) 03:52
06Child Bride. With Scalper (feat. Scalper) 04:44
07I Was Once. With Chrysalide (feat. Chrysalide) 04:01
08Scars Beneath Veils. With ESA (feat. ESA) 05:12
09Freedom From Fear. With Babylone Chaos (feat. Babylone Chaos) 04:51
10Miss Landmine. With Vadi Starh (feat. Vadi Starh) 04:43
11The Welded Stone. With Eva|3 (feat. Eva|3) 02:12


Download Lossless: Riotmiloo & Friends - La Pierre Soudee (2015) FLAC (tracks)

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